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Want Happy Children? Focus On The Relationship You Have With Your Spouse

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Paige Franklin Photography

Love spills over onto the people around us, more often than not, those people are our children. The best way to ensure you've got emotionally balanced kids? Provide them with a strong foundation of love and respect.

That foundation starts with the relationship you have with your partner. A deeply connected and supportive relationship with your partner sets a foundation of security and happiness that spills over into your children's emotional health.

According to a study presented to the American Psychological Association by Robert Epstein and Shannon Fox, one of the top three important "parenting competencies" is how well you relate to your spouse, significant other and/or co-parent.

As partners and parents we can take a cue from Ollie and Donald King.

At the request of their granddaughter, the happily married couple agreed to pose for these beautiful anniversary shots taken by photographer, Paige Franklin.

The love these two have for one another practically bursts off the screen and it's clear to see why they've been married for 68 years!

“He told me in all their 68 years together they’ve never spent one full day or night apart. That was so touching to me." said Franklin, "I kept thinking, 'That is the sweetest thing I’ve ever heard.'”

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