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Want Long-Lasting Makeup? Dunk Your Face In Water

Primer, powder, setting spray, none of the give you that long-lasting makeup effect we all strive for.

It melts off, rubs off on your clothes, or just flat-out fades away.

Lucky for us, Japanese beauty vlogger YoonCharm showed everyone how to get flawless makeup that lasts the entire day.

What you'll need: baby powder or loose powder, and a bowl of water that will fit your face.

Yep, you heard me.

Apply your primer, concealer, and foundation normally. Then, apply the loose powder or baby powder to your face using a cushion pad or brush. It's best not to use your hands so you get an even, thin layer

Now here's the fun part. Dunk your face in ice cold water for at LEAST 30 seconds.

The cold water will get rid of any noticeable residue on your face, and will still give you the matte effect the powder has.

Gently pat your face to get rid of excess water.

And that's it! This technique gives you completely set makeup that will give you last results all day long!

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