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Want To Try This Designer Easter Egg? You Probably Can't Afford It

When Easter comes around, most of us are happy to settle for a few Cadbury cream eggs, or some generic chocolate eggs from the corner store. But if you want to make your holiday extra special this year, we have just the thing.

Bulgari, the Italian company known for their fine jewelry and accessories, has branched out in Japan with a luxury chocolate shop called Bulgari Il Cioccolato.

Japan isn't known for celebrating Easter, but when they try something they give it 110%, which explains how they came up with this glamorous $55 Easter Egg.

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Called the Uovo di Pasqua (which just means Easter Egg) it's an extra-large egg made from bitter dark chocolate topped with gold leaf.

Unfortunately there were only 50 for sale at the store's one location in Tokyo, so you've probably missed your chance to try it. But reviewers say that the tasty dark chocolate was definitely worth the ridiculous price.

Rocket News

Rocket News

If you still need some retail therapy this Easter, this isn't the world's most valuable Easter egg. In fact, it's not even close.

Aside from a diamond-coated egg worth more than a million dollars, there's also the enormous $1,200 Godiva Atelier Egg, guaranteed to satisfy anyone's sweet tooth.

Maybe we'll just skip the chocolate this year.

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