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Want To Work At The Happiest Place On Earth? They're Hiring Nurses

With 11 Disney parks around the world and a workforce the size of a small army to keep them running, it's no surprise that there are a few unusual jobs at places like Disneyland. While we think of costumed "cast members" and food vendors, each park also hires everything from lifeguards and spa staff to accountants and engineers. Disneyland is probably the only place in the world where "Imagineers," Buzz Lightyear and a wedding planner could share an office.

But there's one very important job you'll find at every Disney park that almost nobody thinks of: nurses. This small team of medical professionals keeps the Happiest Place on Earth running smoothly, which is harder than you'd think.

Dr. Mickey and Nurse Minnie meet some of the stars of "Grey's Anatomy."Chip and Co

Like any other nursing job there are qualifications. To work at the parks you'll need 5 years experience somewhere else, training to give CPR and use defibrillators, and a driver's license. But you'll also need a lot of patience, kindness and positivity to get through the day.

Disneyland alone attracts over 44,000 people every day, and the park's nurses are responsible for all 85 acres, along with the parking lots and nearby hotels.

It's easy to miss the first aid stations if you don't know where to look.SoCal Disney Family

These nurses aren't just handing out lollipops either.

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As Disney nurse Cheryl Talamantes explains, working at the Disney gives you a chance to rub elbows with "princesses, cartoon characters and people from all walks of life," but that also makes work very complicated. Nurses aren't expected to learn more than one language, but they'll definitely have to treat patients who don't speak English. Well, sort of. Nurses aren't really allowed to "treat" anyone at Disney, but they will give guests band-aids or other things to use themselves.

“You could find yourself climbing down into a submarine or up the stairs to a treehouse," Talamantes says. "We work around entertainment like parades and support four half marathons a year."

As exciting as it sounds, most of the nurses' daily routine involves bumps, scrapes, bruises, and a few nasty bites from Florida insects.

Disney Nurse Clarice Yenor with Mickey Mouse.University of Milwaukee

The nurses also look after the cast members, including costumed entertainers who are at risk of passing out from the heat in their huge, bulky costumes. Even getting to patients can be a workout, because the first aid bag can weigh more than 30 pounds.

While nurses get special "silver passes" that entitles them and their family to free visits year-round, there aren't too many chances to use them. Apparently, Disney nurses have pretty hectic schedules, and of course the parks are open 365 days a year.

If all that sounds like your idea of the perfect job, you can learn more on Disney's careers website.

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