WATCH: Jerry Lewis Shows Us Why The Old Days of Hollywood Were Much Better

Jerry Lewis is most well-known for his slapstick humor, comedy schticks, and his MDA telethons.

But what people often forget is how incredible of a dancer he was! Though his talent was often played off as goofy, Lewis really did know how to cut a rug.

In the 1954 film Livin' It Up, Lewis plays Homer Flagg alongside Dean Martin in a movie about a man who claims to be dying in order to get a free trip and tour of New York.

At one point in the film, Lewis is at a Jitterbug dance competition when he decides he wants to join in (much to the dismay of Martin's character.) The host then introduces last year's winner, Sheree North and Lewis is off to the races!

This clip is guaranteed to put a smile on your face!