20 Ways That You Should Be Using WD-40 To Make Your Life Easier

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20 Clever Ways To Use WD-40 That Will Only Make Your Life Easier

Ever since WD-40 came out, it has been saving people from all kinds of situations. It's not just the solver of squeaks though, it's got a lot of uses that can help you out.

From dealing with pesky birds, to removing ink from carpets, WD-40 is a multipurpose tool everyone needs in their home.

There's a lot of ways you can use it, so let's see what it can to!

1. Removes duct tape from a surface

It can get rid of the of that sticky residue that's always left behind when you remove the tape so it's like it was never there!

2. Gets out ink stains

You know that annoying moment when a pen explodes on your favorite shirt? Well, apparently WD-40 is all you need to get it out!

3. It'll also get lipstick out of clothing

It doesn't matter if it's already all set in there, the WD-40 should help get all the pigment out of the fabric.

4. If a ring is stuck, WD-40 will help you get it off your finger


When your fingers swell up and you find yourself stuck in a ring, a quick spritz of WD-40 will lubricate it enough that it'll just slip right off.

5. Keep birds of windows and railings

If there are a bunch of birds hanging around on your railings and windowsills, spray a bit of WD-40 along them. They hate the smell and will not hang around.

6. Helps you get burrs and thistles out of your pet's hair

You know when your dog goes running through the bushes and comes out looking like a beast? Well, those burrs are a pain to get out, but using WD-40 will help all those pieces come out without such a hassle.

7. Removes scuffs off of floors

You know when you've got a new pair of shoes or a new chair that scuffs the floor? Well, WD-40 can get those scuffs out no problem!

8. Keeps bugs out of your house

If you put some WD-40 in your door frames and windows, it'll help you keep out bugs. Spiders, cockroaches, and any other annoying creepy crawlers will be deterred from making their homes in your house.

9. Can help you get gum out of hair


If you or your kids get gum stuck in your hair, you can just spray some WD-40 on it and comb it out carefully. Just be careful not to get it in your eyes!

10. Removes salt stains from winterboots

Anyone who has to deal with snow and salt know how annoying salt stains on your clothes are. To get them off your boots, use a bit of WD-40 and wipe with a clean rag.

11. Helps make boots or shoes waterproof

A thing layer of WD-40 can help act as a barrier to keep all that snow from getting into your shoes. That way you'll keep those feet warm all through the winter months.

12. Keep wasps from building their nests

If you keep getting wasps building nests in your eaves-through you can spray some WD-40 along them and they will go away in no time!

13. Remove dog poop from your shoe

No one likes stepping in dog poop, but if you do, WD-40 is your best bet to clean it. Just spray it on and then it will be a lot easier to get it out of all the grooves in your shoes. It also works on gum.

14. Loosen tight zippers


If you have a zipper that's stuck, using a bit of WD-40 can help sort that right out. Even if it's one that is constantly catching, WD-40 will help make it like new again.

15. Get grease off your hands


Sometimes regular soap just won't cut it when it comes to getting grease off of your skin. To really get those hands clean, rub WD-40 into your hands and watch it wash off easily.

16. Clean stains out of your fridge


You know those mystery stains that seem to become a part of the fridge after a while? Well, they don't have to. When you can't get them out with regular cleaning supplies, the WD-40 will help break it all down so you can wipe it up no problem.

17. Conditions your leather furniture

You know when your leather couches get a little worn out? Well, keep it soft and shiny by spraying some WD-40 on and buffing it in with a soft cloth.

18. Removes crayon and marker from the walls


It happens to all of us, the kid gets a crayon and suddenly the wall is an abstract art piece. If you want to take it down, a little WD-40 will take it off without ruining the paint.

19. Keep dead bugs from sticking to your car

It's inevitable, but you can prevent the annoying bug splatter all over the front of your car if you spray the WD-40 on the grill. It'll also make the ones that do manage to get stuck on easier to wipe off.

20. Clean oil spots from your driveway

If you notice some oil spots on your driveway you can easily remove them by spraying a generous amount of WD-40 on the area before spraying it down with water. It should wash away no problem!

Source - Readers Digest / Huffington Post

There's obviously a lot that WD-40 can do, so make sure you keep it in stock in your house!