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We Aren't Kidding - This New Fitness Trend Will Have You Flocking To The Gym

Picture this: You go to your usual yoga class and lie down peacefully in Savasana to concentrate on your breathing. Out of nowhere, a goat jumps on you!

That's not quite what happens at this yoga studio at Jenness Farm in New Hampshire, but it's pretty close. Participants know what they're getting themselves into when they sign up - an entire yoga class with a flock of baby goats frolicking around. If you're in tabletop or child's pose, you can guarantee the energetic little kids will jump on your back.

Jenness Farm

If you're getting tired of your usual yoga practice, goat yoga is something you might want to look into. Participants in the class love it so much, that all classes are booked solid until June!

"Who doesn’t love baby goats? There’s nothing cuter than a baby goat," said Peter Corriveau, owner of the farm.

Jenness Farm

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Sounds amazing? Wait until you see the video! As the instructor leads the practice, you can hear the clomp-clomp of little hooves on the floorboards as the goats play.

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