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We Can't Decide If Pepsi's New Flavor Is A Good Idea - You Be The Judge

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Summer is on its way, and a lot of cool new products are hitting grocery store shelves. From new Oreo flavors to Bob Marley-inspired ice cream, you're bound to find something that'll become your new fave. But first, are you team Coca-Cola or team Pepsi?

If you love Pepsi, you'll probably have a lot to say about the new limited-edition flavor coming to stores nationwide this summer. After releasing a hot new Slurpee flavor at select 7-Eleven locations earlier, Pepsi has made the flavor into a soda, and we're not too sure how we feel about it.

In the past, Pepsi has challenged Coca-Cola with its lime, vanilla, and blue Hawaii flavors, but is their new one taking it a bit too far? You be the judge.

Food Instagrammer Eric Koenreich gave the slushie version 5 out of 10 stars, and other people are giving the drink a bad rep on social media, saying it's "gross" and "#toolit."

“I’ve had a lot of bad memories with Fireball Whisky,” Eric said. “And unfortunately this tastes very similar to Fireball Whisky, albeit without the booze. It’s not something I want to drink sober, anyways."

Pepsi flavors in JapanPinterest/Japanese Kat

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