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We Can't Get Enough of Barbie's Portrayal of the Millennial Mom

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You've seen the countless picture-perfect photos all over Instagram that show off pregnant moms' bellies, incredible gender reveals and tear-jerking pregnancy announcements, but you have never seen motherhood quite like this.

The Instagram account tiff_thebarbie features your favorite childhood toy, Barbie, living out her life just like anyone else.

You will catch the doll posting pictures of her day-to-day "life" as a millennial mom, that resemble other Insta-famous moms that you may stumble on through your feed.

Described as a mother of 2 beautiful children, Kelly and Wyatt, she is happily married to none-other than Ken himself.

From celebrating holidays like Father's Day:

To Family Outings:

And of course vacations:

The Carson family posts pictures we are all familiar with.

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