Banning Junk Food From Schools Actually Gives Results

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It's been a highly conflicted topic for schools across North America. Should schools be banning junk food in favor of more nutritious options, with the hopes of teaching kids about healthy choices and eating?

A lot of critics have been against this in the past, saying banning these foods at school doesn't mean kids can't get the foods other places. There hasn't really been much evidence in favor of these programs because it's still a rather new concept.

However, health economist Philip Leonard conducted a study through the University of New Brunswick in Canada, which looked at the ban of junk food from schools and how it affected students. In 2005, New Brunswick banned all junk foods in schools, leading the way for the rest of the country.

Philip Leonard led the study at the University of New BrunswickAdrienne South/Global News

Leonard looks at students' body mass indexes and overall weight after their school had banned junk food for 5 years or more. These numbers were compared to students whose schools did not implement this type of ban. The hope was to find a direct correlation between banning junk food and healthier weights in students.

So what are the results?

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