Banning Junk Food From Schools Actually Gives Results

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“You might say it’s a small effect, [but] the average kids who spent five or more years being banned [from junk food] weighed about two pounds less than the average [student] who had not been banned from junk food,” Leonard said.

Some other interesting notes from the study concluded that females were more positively impacted by the ban, with their BMI numbers dropped more significantly. It also found that younger students are more positively affected by the ban, because it's teaching them about healthy eating habits at a younger age.

Tara Werner, Diabetes Canada manager of community health promotion, says these results are positive and proves that schools have a chance to help students live healthier lives.

“I think there’s a lot of potential, not just in the BMI,” Werner said. “I think that’s great that we’re seeing results and that’s being lowered, but there’s also potential for other healthy behaviors to come from that. So, it’s sort of like a domino effect with the knowledge and awareness being built.”

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