"We Said Hello and Goodbye"- Mom Carrying Child for Organ Donation Gives Birth [Update]

When Keri and her husband Royce Young found out that their unborn child had a terminal abnormality she did something that most people wouldn't be strong enough to do. She kept the pregnancy with the intention of her daughter becoming an organ donor and saving the lives of countless people.

The baby girl, whom they have named Eva, which literally means life, will be able to save the lives of many through her organ donation.  "We love seeing the impact our little girl is having," the dad told HuffPost, adding that parents love to talk about their kids and this is their chance to do that with Eva.

On April 17, Eva entered the world and completed this family of 4- even if it was for a short while.

"We said hello and goodbye to our sweet Eva yesterday. She was so perfect in her own little way.

I'll be sharing more about her incredible story later.

And of course, this is NOT a sad post. Don't hit that button. ❤️," she wrote on Facebook post.

We said hello and goodbye to our sweet Eva yesterday. She was so perfect in her own little way. I'll be sharing more...

Posted by Keri Young on Tuesday, April 18, 2017

We said hello and goodbye to our sweet Eva Grace yesterday. Eva Grace Young -- 4-17-17

Posted by Royce Young on Tuesday, April 18, 2017

The family has remained positive through the entire pregnancy, warning people not to be sad about their situation.

On April 4, Keri shared a photo of her pregnant belly compared to a friend who was also due around the same time- but with twins!

"At this point in our pregnancies Lisa had 10lbs of baby and two placentas. There's really no way to measure how much Eva weighs because they use two head measurements when finding that but we can guess she was about 3lbs. Babies practice swallowing and peeing amniotic fluid in the womb and Eva can't really do that (the brain controls that function). So all my fluid is just floating around making my uterus get much bigger than it should be. Crazy!Ps this is not a sad post!" she writes.

Look at these two pregnant ladies! Lisa and I have due dates only days apart but with one itty bitty exception...she's...

Posted by Keri Young on Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Trying to be as positive about the situation, this family came to terms about Eva's future before she was born.

"There's another family out there hoping that their baby's gonna get a kidney, knowing full well that that means that somebody else is gonna have to go through heartbreak," Royce tells ABC.

While the family is obviously sad about their loss, they hold on what is important in their lives and have started the journey of healing.

"We may be sad but we've got a super cute, fun, adorable two-year-old to always make us smile," Keri wrote in an Instagram post.

We look forward to hearing the story of Eva, and how she came into this world and made a difference. May God Bless this family and help them heal from their loss.