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Here's What Your Hometown's Weather Says About Your Personality

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We can all get in a bad mood when the weather turns nasty, but new research suggests growing up in bad weather can make you less likable.

A new study by American and Chinese researchers set out to prove once and for all if there's any truth to those old stereotypes, like how Californians are supposed to be permanently "chill," while New Yorkers are grouchy. It turns out if you're not a "people person," you might be able to blame your hometown.


Researchers gave personality tests to thousands of Chinese university students, and to more than a million Americans. All the participants still live in the area where they grew up, down to the very same ZIP code for the American subjects.

Then, scientists compared their answer to the personality test with local weather data. The surprising outcome reveals that if you grew up in rainy and snowy regions, you score lower in five key personality traits.


That means cold weather really can turn your heart cold, and rain does dampen your spirit.

But one of the study's co-authors says it's not too late to give yourself an attitude adjustment, and her prescription involves relocating somewhere nice and warm.

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