Here's The Website That Is Changing Black Friday For The Better

The Collegiate Live

We have all heard the horror stories of Black Friday shoppers pushing and shoving their way to great deals. The videos of people fighting over microwaves are hilarious, but also pretty sad.

What is just as bad is knowing that many of our products are not made in the best circumstances. Whether using non-renewable resources, underpaying workers, or simply not giving back to the community, there are many corporations that we would rather avoid.

Meet DoneGood. It's a startup from the Harvard Innovation Lab that is attempting to offer shoppers feel-good alternatives to big name brands that don't always meet our humanitarian needs.

Not only will you save the world, but you'll save money by doing it too! The website offers exclusive discounts to its members, so you can track down those quality, healthy items without breaking the bank.

DoneGood works with hundreds of brands to supply their members with amazing deals, and Black Friday is going to be no different.

Right when you sign in, you're offered discounts on items that you would actually use, and made by people you would actually want to buy from. We're not talking hipster-made soap here, either.

Whether it's a beaded clutch made by women in Uganda, gold leaf bracelet from Haitian artisans, or even eco-friendly cleaning products that clean your soul as much as your home!

Cofounder Cullen Schwarz began the company to focus on brands whose foundations are built on humanitarian motivations, not donations as an after-thought.

"We're looking for companies that are making the world better through their everyday business practices. If a company doesn't pay workers well or has sub-par environmental practices, but gives to charity, we don't partner with that business," Schwarz said.

They are offering huge deals on great products this weekend, including a new initiative called "Shop for Good Sunday," which fills the gap between Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday, and Giving Tuesday.

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