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3 Weird Tricks To Make Your Bathroom Look Brand New

Cleaning my bathroom has always been my most dreaded chore.

I actually do consider myself a neat freak, but cleaning anything in the bathroom just feels like a workout.

By the time my tub I finally finish scrubbing Cmy tub, it's already dirty again.

After I while, I just kept putting off cleaning the bathroom entirely, until it became a real mess.

That's why I was so thankful to learn about the truly easy way to get a sparkling tub.

Clean your bathtub with dish soap

Yes, all you need for this clever cleaning method is regular dish soap from your kitchen and a clean broom.

(You're probably better off buying a new, cheap broom, to avoid making your tub any dirtier.)

Just pour the dish soap into your tub (while it's dry) and scrub it around with the broom.

It may seem strange, but dish soap is specially formulated to be tough on grease and grime, but safe for your skin.

This clever cleaning method will wipe away everything from soap residue to mildew, but won't fill the bathroom with nasty fumes.

bathtub cleaning hack
This trick is effective, and also easy on the body.Julie Randall - Facebook

Once you're done, just turn on your shower head or pour in a bucket of water to rinse the soap away.

The best part about this trick is anyone can do it - it's much gentler on your back than scrubbing the tub with a brush on your hands and knees.

If you know an elderly person, or someone with bad knees, be sure to suggest this to them.

Now, let's turn to the rest of the bathroom with some cleaning hacks for your mirrors and sink.

Ditch harsh sink and drain cleaners

There are plenty of reasons to avoid harsh cleaning products.

Some of them are designed to corrode grime, but are so powerful they can actually damage your throat.

Working as a janitor with these kinds of harsh products has even been compared to smoking.

And when these chemicals mix they can make dangerous and unexpected reactions.

Thankfully, the best cleaning product in your home isn't under the sink, it's in your pantry.

Clean your sink with vinegar for a spotless shine

Distilled white vinegar is slightly acidic, which means it's great for cleaning up hard water marks and soap stains in your bathroom sink.

I like to mix it with a little bit of lemon juice in a spray bottle, because on its own the vinegar can leave a harsh smell.

Just spray the mixture in your sink and scrub it in with a brush. Don't forget to rinse the sink down afterwards.

Now your sink looks as good as new!

But there are other pantry staples with hidden cleaning powers:

  • Baking soda can break up a clog, and melts hair and gunk down of your drain. Just pour it in, let it sit, and chase it with hot water.
  • Borax is great for wiping away rust and stains on metal faucets and handles. Mix it with water to make a paste to scrub with.
  • Even toothpaste makes for a good spot-cleaner, because it's slightly gritty. Dab some on a sink stain and scrub it away with a brush.

When I finish cleaning my sink handles, I always rub them down with a piece of wax or parchment paper.

The waxy residue clings to the metal, keeping it shiny much longer than usual.

Now, let me reveal my secret for streak-free bathroom mirrors that actually stay clean.

How NOT to clean your bathroom mirror

The bathroom mirrors are far and away the most aggravating cleaning project in my entire home.

I swear there are little gremlins living in my house who come out at night to leave their grubby fingerprints all over the glass.

Obviously I'm not the only person dealing with them, because there's plenty of strange advice for cleaning mirrors on the internet.

One old-fashioned tip suggests wiping the mirror with crumpled up newspaper.

This might have been a good idea in the past, but newspapers are usually printed on thinner paper these days, and will leave inky streaks on the glass.

Others say that scrubbing the glass with a coffee filter won't leave any streaks.

But these are just made of paper, and they're not up to the task of properly cleaning glass.

Streak-free mirrors in three steps

You need three things to give your bathroom mirror a nice shine:

Rubbing alcohol, glass cleaner, and a microfiber cloth.

The alcohol is for cleaning tough messes, like greasy fingerprints and toothpaste stains.

Dab a little on a cotton pad and scrub away any obvious messes.

Next, you need a glass cleaner that won't leave sudsy streaks. Store-bought cleaners are fine, but watered-down vinegar will do the trick too.

Lightly spray the glass, and wipe it down with a microfiber cloth.

These cleaning pads are specially designed to leave no lint behind.

If you want to give the mirror one last check, look at it from a 45-degree angle. This will reveal the streaks that don't show when you're staring at the mirror head-on.

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