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Wendy's Is Giving Away Their First-Ever Fall Salad For Free, Here's How To Get Yours

Courtesy of Mike Mozart / Wendy's

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CORRECTION: An earlier version of this article was unclear. The coupon for the free salad is valid only with purchase of another menu item.

Fast food companies have a bad rap for serving unhealthy food, but some chains are looking to break that stereotype.

You'll often hear about companies offering unhealthy food for free to celebrate their anniversary or another special occasion, but that's still not enough to get people lining up at their stores.

The reality of today's world is that we want cheap, healthy food.

One fast food chain that's really picked up on this trend is Wendy's.

"Quality is our recipe"

To celebrate the beginning of fall, Wendy's is giving away their first-ever Autumn salad, and it sounds and looks delicious.

The Harvest Chicken Salad is only available for a limited-time only and features red and green applies, apple cider vinaigrette, brown sugar walnuts, feta cheese, bacon and freshly grilled chicken breast.

We're ready Wendy's!

How to get your free salad

Starting September 22, you can get a half-size Wendy's Harvest Chicken Salad by downloading the Wendy's app on your smartphone. When you purchase another menu item you'll get the salad for free!

Keep in mind, this offer is limited to one customer only.

The good news, however, is that this deal is valid until October 7. This gives you lots of time to pick a date to get that delicious fall salad.

This isn't the only deal of the season!

If you're looking for more sustenance, Wendy's is also giving away a free Dave's Single Burger with purchase every single day.

This deal is valid until September 30, so hurry!

And if you want to treat yourself, Wendy's is giving away their delicious Small Frosty for only $0.50 cents!

Again, this is for a limited time only.

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