Get A Wendy's Frosty For 50 Cents For A Limited Time Only

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Can you believe August is almost over?

It's been a hot and humid summer, but there certainly has been no shortage of cheap cold treats to help us cool down.

Since the beginning of the season, we've been able to enjoy special deals on Dairy Queen Blizzards and soft-serve cones, Starbucks frappuccinos, and even  7-Eleven Slurpees.

You would think by now we've had enough cold and sugary treats to satisfy us until next year, but that would silly, no?

Wendy's is giving us one more chance to eat as much ice cream as possible while the weather permits without hurting our wallets.

The fast-food chain recently decided to drop the price of the Frosty!

A small serving of their signature frozen dessert usually costs $1, but to celebrate the end of summer, you can enjoy one for only 50 cents.

At this time, there is no end date in sight for this sweet deal, but it is expected to be in effect until the end of the season, which isn't too far away.

The offer includes both the vanilla and chocolate flavors, which is the only fair way to go about it.

Speaking of flavors, did you know that Wendy's has been serving the chocolate Frosty since 1969 as part of their original menu?

The restaurant's founder Dave Thomas introduced the treat, which is neither ice cream nor a milkshake, to go hand in hand with their square burgers and fries.

annually, and each one is served between 19 and 21 degrees for your optimal enjoyment.

Today, the chain sells more than 300 million of the icy concoctions annually, each one is served between 19 and 21 degrees for optimal enjoyment.

Wendy's had the special 50 cent Frosty offer back in May too, but if the weather was still too cool for you to go out and snag one, then this time, you really have no excuse.

Will you be stopping by Wendy's for a 50 cent Frosty? Let us know!

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