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Cop 'Arrests' A Pair of Baaa-d Boys After They Stir Up Trouble In A Neighborhood

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A day in the life of a police officer can be anywhere from dangerous to routine. After receiving a call, officers often have no idea what situation they'll encounter when they arrive at their destination. It was no different for Sergeant Daniel Fitzpatrick from Belfast, Maine.

While making his rounds, the Fitzpatrick got a strange call. A woman had captured two pygmy goats in her garage and they were eating all of the cat food.

According to the woman, she had spotted the runaway goats wandering the streets and shut them up in her garage until authorities could bring them back home.


"The woman who called had found them on High Street, and had somehow gotten them corralled into her garage, and she closed the garage door," said Fitzpatrick. "She called the police department because we act as the animal control officers in Belfast."

When he arrived and the woman opened the garage door, Fitzpatrick saw something bizarre.

"I saw two small goats jumping from one spot to another on a cat entertainment center, eating cat food," he said.


The officer later discovered the culprit's names were Louis and Mowgli. He took the unruly pair to his police cruiser and they settled into the back seat like a pair of true criminals.

Fitzpatrick didn't expect to have a day like this. He cruised around with his adorable passengers, enjoying every minute.

Sgt. Daniel P. Fitzpatrick II/Belfast Police Department via AP

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