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What Did He Just Say? Farmer's Interview Has Everyone Laughing

This is a bold claim in a year as strange as this one, but we think this local story from Laurel County, Kentucky is a strong contender for the year's weirdest new story.

What starts out as an innocent report about a car crash turns into something much more unique when the story's eyewitness is introduced. Local farmer Gary Lee Anderson gives the reporter his play-by-play account of the accident, and you have to hear it to believe it.

It's a story full of high speed crashes, drugs and bee attacks, but the best part is the way Gary Lee calmly tells it with his delightful accent. He might not measure up to the dancing farmer, but he's definitely a close second.

After watching this video I would be happy if Gary Lee narrated every news story from now on.

He's a natural-born storyteller. Just listen to how he describes the couple "screaming and squalling" running around like "a chicken with the head cut off" while the bees chase them.

Bee attacks are serious business of course - just ask these dogs - but you can't help but laugh when Gary Lee describes it.


You can even see the news anchor struggling to keep a straight face when the video cuts back to him. This is just one of those stories that only happens in the country, like a cowboy lassoing a runaway calf on a cop car.

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