What Does Your Favorite Ice Cream Flavor Say About Your Personality?

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All this time we've been obsessing over our horoscopes and what the stars tell us about our lives, it turns out we should have been following our stomachs all along. Your taste buds have a lot to say about your personality, and researchers have cracked the code to reveal what your favorite ice cream flavor says about you.

A national ice cream chain ordered a study by the Smell & Taste Treament and Research Foundation - how official! - to investigate ice cream lovers and their personalities. Lead researcher Dr. Alan Hirsch has created these profiles for fans of 7 common ice cream flavors.

He also weighed in on which ice cream flavor you're most romantically compatible with, based on your preference. So ask your husband or wife what their favorite flavor is and check if you're a perfect match!


While strawberry is a classic ice cream flavor that's been around for centuries, it never manages to crack the list of America's 5 favorite flavors. That's too bad, because strawberry fans are emotionally complex critical thinkers who have strong opinions. They're definitely more introverted than most people, but they're tolerant and devoted friends.

Most compatible with: Chocolate chip

Butter Pecan

The flavor for perfectionists. People who prefer butter pecan like to focus on fine details and stick to a daily routine. Maybe they're overly cautious sometimes, but these classic type-A personalities are great to have on your team. Just try to stay on their good side!

Most compatible with: Butter pecan, chocolate and chocolate chip


This is a pretty uncommon flavor, but the world could sure use more banana ice cream fans. They're relaxed, easygoing, well adjusted, and honest. Banana ice cream types are the people who will listen to you vent about your bad day and give you some good advice when you're done.

Most compatible with: Everyone

Chocolate Chip

If you know somebody who seems a little too perfect, odds are they like chocolate chip ice cream. It's the flavor for competitive and charming people who seem to get along well with everyone. If this is your flavor, try not to rub people the wrong way with your cheery attitude, or else you could seem like a phony.

Most compatible with: Butter pecan or chocolate

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