You've Never Seen A Gun Shot Like This Before

Guns always get a lot of people talking. Some people say they are dangerous, most people say they are our right. They say it is empowering to shoot a gun, it makes us feel more safe. Few people ever talk about how beautiful a gun shot is - and that's probably because it's too fast to see.

Unless you have the right camera.

The Mythbusters were doing a segment when they managed to capture something extraordinary on tape. And while you've definitely seen someone shoot a gun before, I guarantee you haven't seen it quite like this.

Gun Shot

While at a firing range in an underground bunker, Jamie Hyneman emptied a clip from a handgun into a target - just like anyone else would do at a firing range. What wasn't normal was the high-tech camera filming him. When the Mythbusters checked their footage they were in for a treat.

"Oh no way!" exclaimed Adam Savage, another Mythbuster. He was reviewing the footage when he saw a once-in-a-lifetime shot.

The Phantom v2010 is one of the fastest cameras on earth, and capturing the gunshot at a staggering 73,000 frames per second. That means for every one second the camera took 73,000 pictures.

There's almost nothing that wouldn't be recorded in great detail when a camera can operate that fast.

The result was a truly beautiful image. While most of us would just hear a bang and maybe see where the bullet hit, this camera shows us so much more. From the small explosion, to the gorgeous plumes of gun smoke, this is one shot you don't want to miss.

See the clip here: