What These Parents Did Has Some Calling It Child Abuse, You Be The Judge

It certainly is no easy task for parents to name a child.

Whatever moniker they choose remains for the rest of the child's life, unless of course they chose to legally change it when they become an adult.

Since there aren't any specific rules, some parents try to be as different as possible and in some cases the name they choose borders on ridiculous.

Celebrities Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin named their daughter Apple while Kim Kardashian and Kanye West named their children North and Saint. We've mostly seen this type of unusual baby naming trend among famous personalities - until now.

An Australian couple wanted to give their newborn a classic name but with a unique and exotic twist. The pair chose Kaitlyn for their beautiful daughter but after some consideration dad changed his mind.  

According to mom, Mavis, they really loved the name but hated its popularity so her husband made a suggestion that solved the problem.

"˜So, when I found out I was having a girl, my husband suggested we replace the "˜ait' with the Roman numeral symbol for eight," Mavis wrote to a magazine.

The baby's name is now spelled KVIIIlyn and her parents are beyond ecstatic about their choice.

"Now our daughter is truly unique!" Mavis added.

It definitely is unique but it isn't exactly beneficial to the child who most likely take longer than her peers to learn how to spell her own name.

The post went viral after it was posted on imgur with the caption: "Surely a form of child abuse?" and it got people talking.

One user commented:  "You've still given her an 'overly popular' name, you muppet. You've just f***ed the spelling of it."

While another wrote: "This is a joke right? Who puts Roman numerals in a name? Ah well, guess it's better than K8lin."

What are your thoughts on the name? Let us know in the comments!

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