Tea Bags are you garden's best friend this summer, and they don't stop there

If you think about it, tea is probably the most important beverage in human history, aside from maybe water. It drove exploration, it became a cultural staple in the Western world and even helped spur on the American Revolution.

That's not where it stops however. If you've been throwing away your tea bag after you pour yourself a hot cup of tea you're making a huge mistake.

Tea bags are an incredibly useful household item that we've all been taking for granted. Well regret no more because after reading this you'll know 6 more ways to use what you have always thrown away.

1. Soothe Your Tired Eyes

Tea Bag Eyes
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Tea leaves actually have more caffeine than coffee leaves, so tea is a go-to drink when people are in need of a pick-me-up. Tea bags can do a lot more than just keep your eyes open though. Putting cooled tea bags on your eyes reduces puffiness and removes redness. It's the perfect compress to rejuvenate your face.

2. Treat Those Canker Sores

Tea Bag Mouth
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Tea as treatment? Since tea bags are great at reducing swelling they're a perfect remedy for annoying canker sores. They will soothe the pain and help keep the swelling down to avoid biting them. They are also great for when you have a tooth pulled.

3. Can't Spell Steak Without Tea


That's right, tea is actually a delicious marinade for tough meat. It's a little on the sweet side so it adds something special to cuts of meat.

4. Soothe Sunburns

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When you have a little too much fun in the sun you're probably not thinking about drinking a hot cup of tea. Maybe you should. Tea bags, when cooled, provide a soothing balm to red shoulders and other burns.

5. Garden Booster

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Adding tea bags into your garden has some surprising effects. It boosts nitrogen content just like fertilizer and adds more nutrients to the soil. This helps your plants grow up big and strong.

6. Clean Houseplants

Tea Bags
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Your indoor plants need love and attention too and tea bags are a great way to give it. Use the leftover bags to clean up leaves. They'll wipe away dust and give the leaves extra nutrients as well.

There you have it, now you can enjoy all these benefits without having to pay a steep price.

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