What This 90-Year-Old Did At The Gym Has Everyone Talking

Vern Greenwood works out three times a week and he honors this routine even on special occasions like his birthday.

If you're wondering why this is a big deal, there's a very impressive reason.

Vern is 90-years-old and not only can he do what many seniors his age can't but he could outperform plenty of people half his age.

On his 90th birthday, the fitness enthusiast took to the pull-up bars at the gym and effortlessly doled out 24 pull-ups proving that age is nothing but a number.

“I love just love working,” Vern told TODAY. “It’s part of life. When everybody else quits working, they quit living. It’s who I am.”

Vern's son, Ken, caught the entire thing on camera and was instantly inspired by his dad's strength. He knew his dad was strong but he had his doubts following his mom's death last March.

“It’s his first winter without mom,” Ken Greenwood told TODAY. “So this is a tremendous time for him to have [the gym]. It’s really helping him a lot.”

Although Vern doesn't have a gym membership back home in Canada, he still does pull-ups on his fork lift and maintains a balanced diet.

“I don’t eat any sugar, except maybe a banana,” Vern said. “You have to look after yourself cause if you don’t no one else will.”

Ken's video went viral as soon as he shared it online and we've got it for you to see. Watch as Vern completes 24 non-stop pull-ups accompanied by his son's awesome commentary.

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