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What This Brother Did For His Little Sister Has Melted The Internet

If you need a new hairstyle, this kid is the one to go to. There is nothing cuter than this big brother helping his little sister out with her hair for the day. He does such a good job too! She will be the talk of the playground!

The absolute cutest part is the end when she pays him in a sweet little kiss on the cheek. It's too cute to even explain, you just have to see it.

So many people are commenting about it, wishing their big brothers had done the same for them when they were little.

Although others are taking this as an opportunity to poke a little fun at their siblings.

Either way, this video is adorable. Parents should encourage their kids to spend time helping each other out!

Having a sibling can be an awkward experience, but it's worth it. Did you ever help your sibling out with your hair? Share with them now!