Driver Left His Passengers With Goosebumps The Moment He Opened His Mouth

Uber has changed the way people in big cities travel. As long as you've got a valid driver's license and a car in good condition, you can sign up to be a driver.

This also means that means that as a rider, you never really know what kind of person you will get for a driver until you're actually in the vehicle.

When Toronto resident Jenna and her two friends called for an Uber one afternoon in April, they certainly didn't expect what unfolded during the ride.

While most drivers of the taxi-like service are prompt, polite and courteous, Jenna's  driver, Jaewoo, is all of that and more - he's got a killer vibrato voice.

Jaewoo treated the lucky ladies to a praise-worthy velvety rendition of O Sole Mio that would make Pavarotti proud had he still been alive.

Watch the video of the "best drive ever" to treat your ears to a beautiful 5-star cover of the Italian opera classic.