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He took 4 plain wood crates but what he did with them. Fantastic.

If she doesn't find you handsome she should at least find you handy. If this project is any indication of how handy Imgur user Cyclecanuck is I bet he doesn't have a hard time finding a date.

He posted his brand new coffee table on Imgur, but what is dropping everyone's jaws is that it is made entirely out of wooden crates - and you can do it too.

He took 4 wooden crates that he says he got at The Home Depot.

Wooden Crates

He sanded them down and then applied a dark walnut stain. He said he stained them because he wanted the table to "have character" but you can paint or stain your crates any which way you'd like.

After the stain dried he gave them a poly coating so they'd be water resistant. No use making a table if it's not going to be able to stand up to coffee rings.

Once that was done all he had to do was screw it together!

The final product is nothing short of outstanding.

Final Crate

Now he has a great-looking table with convenient cubbies to put things like remotes, blankets and books. You can see his full post here.

Are you going to give it a try? Let us know in the comments.

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