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What This Third Grader Learned In School Ended Up Saving His Mom's Life

Thanks to some quick thinking from a young boy, he was able to save the life of his mom.

Dimitri Meram and his family were on their way to the beach, when his mother fell while loading up the car and hit her head on the car door.

While his cousin ran for help, Dimitri knew he needed to take action to help his mom.

Keeping his cool, he remembered everything he learned in school to save his mother's life.

“I just gotta do CPR,” he said. “I mean, I learned it.”

Dimitri learned CPR as part of a San Diego school district initiative that trained children across the city as part of their physical edition classes.

“We knew that this was going to be an important project together and so thank you for your support. Thank you to the teachers for your willingness to learn and to train. This skill is so important,” said Jennifer with the American Heart Association.

While the children in San Diego are well-trained, only about 30% of Americans know how to properly administer CPR.

Dimitri was able to keep his mother alive until paramedics arrived and were able to take over.

His mother remained unconscious in hospital before waking up five days later and learned of her son's heroic actions.

“I’m incredibly proud of him,” his mother said. “He truly is my special angel. The second he was born, he got his little finger out of the incubator and grabbed my hand. Just a very special connection.”

The young boy was recognized at school for putting his skills to the test and ultimately saving his mother's life.

“Your lifesaving efforts and your quick action to administer CPR was instrumental in saving your mother’s life,” Dimitri Meram’s teacher told him at a ceremony at Green Elementary School.

Source: Inspiring Day / Fox 5