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10 Ways Your Handwriting Can Reveal Your True Personality

Trying to get to know someone can be difficult. There are so many different aspects to consider when trying to decipher a person's personality, it's helpful to have a few tricks and tips. Did you realize that your handwriting alone can give away a lot about who you are?

Your deepest secrets and biggest concerns are all there in writing, but now you'll at least know what people are able to perceive about you. It's surprisingly simple to analyze your friends and family members writing, so give it a try using these 10 easy tips!

1. Size


Large Letters: If you write using large letters you tend to be people-oriented and like to be acknowledged and understood.

Small Letters: Writing with small letters means that you are introverted, focused and are able to concentrate.

2. Slant


Right Slant: If your letters lean towards the right, you are friendly, sentimental and impulsive. Your family is the highest priority in your life.

No Slant: Logic is key in your life, and you are less likely to let emotion sway your choices.

Left Slant: You are introverted and reserved, preferring to work alone on tasks instead of in a group.

3. Pressure


Heavy Pressure: Your emotions are right at the surface so you react quickly and intensely.

Light Pressure: You are adaptable and are in control of your emotions.

4. Upper Zone


Looped 'L': You are hopeful about your future and have several goals in life

Retraced 'L': Your life plans haven't worked out, and you are pessimistic about your future

Looped 'T': You are sensitive to criticism from others

Retraced 'T': You are a hard worker and are very self controlled

5. Lower Zone


Slender 'Y' Loop: You are careful in who you consider a friend and trust very few people

Broad 'Y' Loop: You have many friends and are open with them all

Long 'Y' Loop: Traveling is important to you

Short 'Y' Loop: You are most comfortable at home

6. Connection of Letters


Connected Letters: You are decisive, logical and always have a plan

Not Connected Letters: You are intuitive and intelligent

7. Dots On The 'I'


Circular Dot: A large circle means you are childish and artistic. You also like to stand out in a crowd

Smaller Dot: A small dot means you are a perfectionist and like to keep things free from clutter

8. Cross On The 'T'


High Cross: Your self esteem is high as are your aspirations

Low Cross: You have many insecurities and aim low

9. Line Spacing


Little Spacing: You do not manage your time appropriately

Even Spacing: You understand and respect boundaries

10. Word Spacing


Wide Space Between Words: You are independent and don't feel comfortable in crowds

Narrow Space Between Words: You are dependent on other people and hate being alone

Take a look at your own handwriting and see if this is accurate to your personality!

Tanya has been writing for Shared for two years. She spends too much time thinking about dogs, Marvel movies, and ice cream. You can reach me at tanya@shared.com