Your Pee Is Sending Messages To Your Body

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Everyone pees. Literally everyone. But how many people actually take the time to look at their pee before flushing it down the toilet? Sure, it may seem gross, but it could lend some information regarding your health which is always important.

This is what your pee color is trying to tell's probably best to listen up.

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If your urine is clear, you're probably drinking a lot of water. However, be careful not to overdo it. Cut back a little bit on the water so you don't over-hydrate. There's a rumor that you want your pee to be clear, but that's actually not the case.

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This is what you want your pee to look like! A pale straw color means you are well-hydrated, normal, and most likely do not have any major health issues (at least involving your liver or kidneys.)

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This represents a normal pee color.

It's when your pee stops being yellow that you should worry.

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