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Woman's Dog Was Stolen From Right Under Her Nose, And Now She's Got A Warning For All Dog Owners

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We've all done it before. When out for a walk with our furry friend we decide to stop into a store, restaurant, you name it. We tie the leash to something secure and go about our business. After all we're just going to be a few minutes, what could possibly go wrong?

That's what Stephanie Cooper thought when she tied her dog Kobe to a bench outside of a McDonald's. She was in and out in less than 20 minutes, but that was long enough for someone to take her dog.

Global News


She came outside expecting to see Kobe, but instead there was nothing. Not even a leash or collar, which should have been there if her dog had managed to get loose.

"I was frantic," she told Global News. "I thought 'Did he get loose?'"

With no evidence that Kobe got out on his own Cooper became even more worried. She went back inside to ask a manager for help. There surveillance footage confirmed Cooper's worst fear.

A man, broad shouldered and with a long brown ponytail, was plainly visible approaching Kobe. After a moment or two he undid the knot tying the dog to the bench and walked away with him.


Cooper said she was angry when she saw the footage, then she felt guilty about having left her dog unattended.

"I just really wanted to find my dog. I just wanted to know where he was."

It was a harrowing few days, but Cooper wasn't about to give up on her best friend...

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