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What's Your Middle Name? Apparently We All Have The Same One!

Have you ever noticed that everyone you meet seems to have one of only a few different middle names? Apparently you aren't alone!

Because middle names are a fairly recent convention, they are more likely to go for a classic name that doesn't fit into those modern choices. So whether you were born back in 1916, the 1980s, or even 2016, there is a good chance that your middle name will be on this list.

Ancestry UK specialist says that "It seems that middle names are a relatively new phenomenon, having only become the norm over the last hundred years - driven by the desire to commemorate well-loved ancestors."

So these middle names are less likely to follow pop culture and will often be a more traditional name, often times from a parent's or grandparent's generation.

The top 10 middle names for girls are:

  1. Louise
  2. Rose
  3. Grace
  4. Jane and Elizabeth (equal)
  5. Anne/Ann
  6. May/Mae
  7. Marie
  8. Mary
  9. Amy and Catherine (equal)
  10. Victoria and Kate (equal)

The top 10 middle names for boys are:

  1. James
  2. John
  3. William
  4. Thomas
  5. David
  6. Robert
  7. Edward
  8. Peter and Lee (equal)
  9. Christopher and Alexander (equal)
  10. Michael and Daniel (equal)

What do you think? Is your middle name on the list?

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