When A Newborn Came Down With A Fever, The Family Cat Knew Exactly What To Do

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When A Newborn Came Down With A Fever, The Family Cat Knew Exactly What To Do

Bringing a new baby home to the family pet can be a harrowing time for parents. Will the baby be safe if left alone with a dog 10 times its size or a cat with sharp claws?

Kasey Boggs found out pretty quickly what can happen when a newborn is introduced to a bunch of pets at once. Boggs and her husband brought Sonny home to meet their four dogs and tabby cat, and they instantly took to the tiny human.

"From the minute we have brought Sonny home," they have respected him and loved him as one of their own," Kasey said in an interview with The Dodo.

When Sonny was a few days old, Mia the cat kept her distance from the newborn, but she would still keep a protective eye on him in case anything went wrong.

As Sonny grew stronger, Mia's motherly instincts kicked in and she began sleeping next to the baby. She preferred to nestle close to his face and wrap her paws gently around his tiny head.

"I think she feels her role is to watch over everyone, like a hawk," Boggs said. "That's her way of protecting us."

Animals are reliable, many full of love, true in their affections, predictable in their actions, grateful and loyal. Difficult standards for people to live up to.

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Mia and Sonny became inseparable. Kasey told The Dodo the cat barely leaves the baby's side and checks him over every time she and her son return from an outing.

"In the last two weeks Mia has developed a very strong love for Sonny," said Boggs. "She loves watching all his little quirky movements, plays under his teepee with him and there hasn't been a morning where Sonny hasn't woken up to Mia."

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It's lucky that Sonny has such a watchful protector. When Boggs took Sonny into the hospital to get his shots done, Mia knew something was wrong when he got back.  

"She went right for the place where he had gotten his shots on," Sonny's mom said. "When I picked him up out of his carrier, she was meowing at us and was on the bed before I could even lay him down. She laid with him all afternoon."

Mia didn't leave Sonny's side yesterday after he came home from the doctors with a little fever from his shots. 😻☀️❤

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It turned out that Sonny had a slight fever and Mia could sense the baby's distress. To calm and comfort him, she cuddled next to Sonny until his condition improved.

For some time now I have had family and many of you tell me I should start a blog...well I have been giving it a lot of thought lately! I think it would also be a great opportunity to address some of your questions and comments that I wish I could respond to like I want to! I need your help! What specific topics would you like me touch down on? What questions might you have that you would like me to address? I don't want to narrow myself down to one topic! I want to share different aspects of my lifestyle that many don't know about. Yes, my main priorities are Sonny and the pack, but I have hobbies and funny stories too 😉 any and all help is appreciated! -as always, thank you for following along on our adventures and supporting our family! ❤

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Sonny recovered quickly, and we can guess it was partially due to this loyal kitty's love.

"She takes her role as the caregiver of the house very seriously," Boggs said. "Its what she lives for."

I normally don't post personal pictures like this on my account, and for the same reason I am even going to write this post. In regards to yesterday's post and the comments I received, I wanted to share this candid shot of Mia, Sonny and I that my husband snapped this morning. What you see on our account is real life, raw clips from our life. We use our account as a diary, to look back on over the years at all the great memories we have/had. When people come onto our page and make assumptions, it hurts because we only hope to make people happy and cheerful with our posts to escape all of the negativity in the world. My husband and I work very hard to create a balanced, loving and happy environment for our pack and for our son and I won't tolerate anyone who accuses me differently. Especially people that don't even personally know me or have ever been in my home. Mia, is not a scared cat, she is not forced to do things and she does not pose for pictures or allow me to document her life to obey me. She is apart of our family and takes that very, very seriously. Something you can't teach or force. She loves her role as one of Sonny's protectors and really never misses a beat with him. This is how we spend every morning before we get out of bed; Mia always above us. ❤ To all of you who take the time to defend us and send supportive and encouraging messages; we love you, we thank you for all of your love! This community truly is amazing and we feel very blessed for each and everyone of you.

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