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When A Teacher Realized This Sad Truth About Her Students, She Took Immediate Action

When South Carolina teacher, Katie Blomquist realized this shocking fact about her students, she set out on a seven-month journey to do something about it.

In an interview with the Global Citizen, Blomquist explained that 90 percent of the families at her school are living at or below the poverty line. " A lot of kids don't get new clothes, or their own beds," she said, "So I chose a bike, because it gives them a sense of ownership."

The teacher at Pepperhill Elementary was on a mission to purchase bicycles for 650 primary school students.

One year ago, Blomquist started the GoFundMe campaign "Every Kid Deserves A Bike!" with the goal of raising $65,000 to purchase new bikes for every child. In about 3 months, she raised $80,000 and was able to purchase a bike for every single student!

Blomquist says that afterwards, parents approached her to say that their children have changed since getting new bikes. Before, they would spend their time after shcool playing video games or watching TV, but now, they spend their afternoons playing outside - on their brand new bikes!

“It’s so nice to see them doing this healthy, productive entertainment,” she said.  

Read more about Blomquist's work on Global Citizen and on her new nonprofit, Going Places.