When He Realized The Babysitter Fell Asleep, He 'Kidnapped' His Own Kids


Good help is so hard to find these days, and a man named Christopher learned that the hard way.

According to a Facebook post he shared, Christopher and his wife were looking for a babysitter to watch their three kids. They interviewed a woman named Sarah, and she impressed the couple enough to land the job.

But when Christopher came home unexpectedly one morning to grab some paperwork from his office, he found the sitter acting very irresponsibly. Sarah was asleep on his couch, and it was only 10am.

Meanwhile, Christopher's children were running around the house unsupervised. Of course Sarah would be fired, but first Christopher decided to play a prank on the sitter and teach her an important lesson.

The dad "kidnapped" his own children, and let Sarah wake up to discover they were missing. What happened next is recorded in their text messages:

Christopher's messages are yellow, the babysitter Sarah's are in white.

If Sarah wasn't panicking already, what Christopher told her next would definitely scare her.

The angry dad pushed his "prank" for as long as he could, and you can tell from her messages that Sarah was feeling nervous:

Christopher kept his game going until Sarah confirmed that she had called the police.

Christopher went on to call the police himself, hoping to charge Sarah with child neglect, but they wouldn't investigate further. That's what prompted him to share his texts on Facebook.

The photos were later taken down, allegedly because the babysitter complained that Christopher was harassing her. Some parents seem to agree, saying the "prank" and public shaming were undeserved.

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