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When He Walked Into Work On His Last Day, Something Happened That He'll Never Forget

A lot of people work just for their retirement, and even if you love your job there will still come a time when it's time to hang 'em up and walk off into the sunset. Sometimes that send off comes with a token of appreciation, like a watch or a plaque, if someone is really lucky their work might throw them a party.

You can count Daniel Lybrink as one of the lucky ones, because after 33 years of working at McDonald's he was given a send off for the ages.

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Lybrink, who has Down's Syndrome, has been an institution at the Brighton McDonald's in Michigan. He's worked for over 3 decades as a "Lobby Manager" greeting guests, chatting them up, and cleaning tables.

On his last day, manager David Glynn turned the restaurant into Lybrink's own party room. There was cake, balloons and of course lots and lots of friends. Guests who had visited the location know Lybrink well, and signed a memory book for him to look back on in his retirement.

Glynn had high praise for his favorite employee, but he wasn't the only one with kind words. Ruthan Knarr has worked alongside Lybrink for years, and gushed to reporters about him.

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"He's responsible, polite as well as the sweetest man I've ever met," she said.

Molly Wisuri, Lybrink's caregiver, says that she will be moving with Lybrink and his roommates to a new home near Lake Michigan. They plan to spend their days fishing, travelling and relaxing.

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