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When She Walked Into The Salon She Was Suffering, But When She Walked Out - Wow!

When she spotted a disheveled woman dumping all of the hair softening products into her basket, hairstylist Kate Langman knew she needed to step in.

In a story she shared on Facebook, the hairdresser tells friends that she approached the woman and offered to help her. As the woman began to tell her heartbreaking story, Kate knew that she had to do more than sell her some shampoo.

The depressed woman's hair hadn't been brushed or cared for in about 6 monthsKate Langman/Facebook

The woman suffered from a very deep depression that had her pretty much confined to her bed for the past six months. During that time, she neglected herself and the bun she tied her hair into became one massive dread lock.

Even though it meant staying later and taking hours to salvage what she could of the woman's hair, Kate was determined to help her feel better.

I spent 8 1/2 hours with this girl. 4 1/2 hours of combing, and 3 hours coloring and 1/2 hour for the cut. All of this time, I'm just telling myself to keep going.. that this is going to be all so worth it," Kate writes.

As you can see, the end results were more than worth it:

"By the end of this service, I could see the sparkle in her eyes and I could see her cheeks get rosy pink from the excitement of not only being able to run her fingers through her hair again, but she felt herself again. I changed someone's life today.. & I'll never ever forget it," writes Kate.

Although she didn't cure her of depression, this small act of humanity likely changed this woman in a way that no amount of medicine ever could. Well done, Kate!

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