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When The Music Starts, This Old Lady's Dance Moves Will Stun You

Everyone says you're only as old as you feel, and if that's true this old lady must feel like Britney Spears because she has some incredible dance moves.

This video captured in China features the retiree shaking it to a catchy pop tune like there's no tomorrow. It's amazing how much energy she still has at her age, I'm getting tired just watching her!

Dance along at home and see if you can keep up. Or better yet, play the music for your parents and compare their moves with hers.

This video seems unbelievable, but then again China's elderly people (almost a third of their population) are in notoriously good shape.

Chinese Tourist Agency

Step into a big park in any major city in China and you'll see elderly men and women working out on all sorts of playground-style machines

There are also huge Guang Chang Wu (public square dance) groups who love to show off their skills together.

Some groups even camp out before dawn to make sure they get the best dancing spots.

These routines seem like a lot of hard work, but they're definitely more fun than bingo!

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