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When These Beagles Sit Next To You, It's Not A Good Sign

Everyone who loves dogs knows that beagles are about the best sniffers on the planet! Although they were originally bred to hunt rabbits, their keen sense of smell makes them the perfect inspection agents for the United States Department of Agriculture's Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service.

You might have seen them roaming the baggage claim at the airport at LAX or JFK. The Beagle Brigade are highly trained pups working with handlers to sniff out unauthorized meat, animal byproducts, fruit and vegetables that can carry diseases and pests.

Not only can their noses detect smells that are too faint to be sensed by scientific equipment, but their gentle temperament also makes them the perfect breed for airport inspections.

Watch these good boys and girls in action below!

Next time you pass through the airport, keep an eye out for these hard working pups and their handlers!

[Source: US Customs and Border Protection / Animal Planet]