Caregiver Arrested After Infant Found with a Baby Bottle Filled with Dr. Pepper

When police responded to a shoplifting call at a West Virginia Kroger grocery store, they weren't expecting to find this in the bathroom.

Sgt Philip Bass of the St. Albans police was part of the team that responded to the call about someone shoplifting a Christmas tree at the Kroger when they were informed that a woman and baby had been the in the bathroom for over 20 minutes. Donnyell Harrison, 39, reportedly locked herself in the store's bathroom with a 14-month-old crying baby.

"The lady let us in the bathroom and then we saw her, and this little baby, she was sitting in a buggy with a baby bottle of Dr. Pepper," Bass told WCHS-TV. 'And she said, "Well, I didn't have anything else to give her!" And I said, "Well, you're in Kroger!''

While being in a grocery store, the officer found it inexcusable that the woman couldn't provide any other food for the baby other than filling her bottle with soda.

Harrison, who's not the baby's mother was arrested and charged with drug possession with the intent to distribute, police stated in a news release.

The baby's mother is currently serving time in jail and had left the baby with another person, who then gave her to Harrison to care for.

Officer Bass fell into a familiar role as he cared for the child until Child Protective Services could arrive and take over.

"Sometimes we're a warrior, sometimes we're a guardian, sometimes we're a babysitter!" Cpt James Agee told WCHS-TV.