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When They Saw She Wasn't Going To Make It, These Runners Gave Her A Shoulder To Lean On

Marathons are not easy. Even though all these runners make them look like it's simple, it is a far way to run and sometimes no matter how hard you train, your body just can't handle it.

At the Philadelphia Love Run Half-Marathon one female runner was approaching the finish line when her body started to give out. Her legs just wouldn't go the way she wanted them to but she kept trying.

Luckily, a man noticed her struggling and he gave her a shoulder to lean on, even though it would affect his time. Another man joined in and from either side they supported her while she took a few more steps but even with that she was having trouble.

Finally one man came up and grabbed her, carrying her to just in front of the finish line so he could help her cross the line herself.

Even though dozens of runners passed them by, these three men helped this woman they didn't know complete her race on two feet. All four of the runners passed the finish line around the two hour mark.

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