Baby Born With Striking White Hair, Is Too Adorable for Words

When baby Bence made his way into the world, he surprised his mom, nurse and doctor.

It was not his weight, as he was born slightly above average, that shocked hospital staff when he arrived- it was his hair that had people scratching their own heads.

It was striking white hair that covered his tiny little head that made him unique when he entered this world.


This earned him the nickname of Prince Charming in the nursing ward.

It was not albinism that gave his icy hair its appearance, and it proves not to be a sign of illness or prenatal stress either.

All tests show that baby Bence is a healthy newborn baby with an adorable unique feature.

Doctors believe it was just a temporary loss of pigment that caused his snowy white locks and eventually his hair will darken as he gets older.

Regardless of why, this newborn baby is just adorable!