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Man Walks Down Pathway, But He Doesn't Expect To Run Into A Bear

In life, you never know what's waiting around the corner. For this guy, it was a medium-sized bear cub looking for a meal.

A man from Lake Tahoe, California was taking a sip of water as he rounded the corner of his house. At the same time, a bear crossed the driveway, heading for the very same corner. The two of them got the fright of their lives when they spotted each other! Of course, both man and bear bolted in opposite directions, but the curious cub returned to investigate. If you listen, you can hear the guy howling as he rushes inside the house to escape the bear.

The original video has attracted over 10 million viewers so far on YouTube. Can you imagine if this happened to you?

Credit: [NineCaribou Productions via Storyful]

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