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When This Bright Pink Dog Showed Up At Their Door, They Knew They Had To Act Fast

When Asia was first dropped off at the Animal Friends of the Valleys Shelter in Wildomar, California, they weren't sure what they were looking at, but this little girl was bright pink in color!

At first, her spots made her look kind of like a Dalmatian, but this sweetheart is actually a Boxer who's skin has turned pink because she is suffering from a condition called Demodex Mange which is luckily treatable.

She is only 10-months-old and was brought in her her 2-year-old brother named Artie who also had the same infestation of mites. It causes them both hair loss and pain, but because Asia was a white boxer, she looked a lot more pink than her brother.

They are now getting the help they need and their hair is starting to grow back. There is a special medicated shampoo they have to use and also medication to help ease the pain.

They were at the Last Chance at Life rescue, to get ready to find a new home. "Once they ate, calmed down and were given lots of love, they were able to relax and we hope they know they are in a place that will love them forever. Once an LCAL dog, ALWAYS an LCAL dog," Niccola Gentile, a volunteer at the Last Chance at Life rescue said of these sweet babies.

Both Artie and Asia have been adopted to their forever homes now, but you can still find out more about them on the rescue's website.