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When This Cat Met Goats, He Knew Exactly What Needed To Be Done

When you think of owning a farm, you probably think it will be a lot of work. While you would be right, what you may not realize is that sometimes you are able to get some help in some really unusual ways. For one family in West Virginia, the best help they can find is their adorable cat named Pretty Boy.

Pretty Boy is a fluffy little farm cat who loves helping out. He has a particular fondness for the goats and even helped one when she was pregnant.

When Copper the goat was confined so she could have her babies, Pretty Boy stayed with her and massaged her tummy to ease the pain. "With Cooper confined, I noticed that Pretty Boy was spending a lot of time in her stall, laying near her, rubbing up against her, sitting on the rail as if watching over her. I was amused by it all," a neighbor said of his behavior.

Once all the babies had been born, he snuggled right up to Copper to comfort her. He even would hang out with her babies, acting as their little babysitter anytime mama needs a break.

He likes to hang out out with all the goats on the farm, watching over them and making sure his whole adopted family is having a great time.

Good job Pretty Boy, you are such a good kitty!

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