Which Color Do You See? Find Out What It Says About Your Personality

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There are many ways to look further into your personality, like which gems you're drawn to, what your feet look like and what your birth flower says about you.

Did you know which colors you see also says a lot about who you are as a person.

From color illusions like the famous internet "dress", In case you don't remember,  the internet debated if the dress was white and gold or black and blue.


People debate over color all of the time. But what does it mean about you?

The way you see color can really explain how you view life in general.

From a positive personality to a realistic perspective, how you identify certain colors can really dig deep into your individual thoughts.

Some research has suggested that the differences in the way we perceive color doesn't change based on our environment but how we're feeling when we see a clear blue sky or a red stop light. The shorter wavelengths (which we call blue) tend to make us calm, whereas the longer wavelengths (yellow, orange and red) tend to make us more alert.

So what do you think how you see color says about you? Are you an optimist, pessimist or something in between?

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You'd be surprised at how accurate this assessment really is.

The longer you view the color the more it will start to change your answer. Stick with your gut, when you know what it is, don't question yourself- or maybe that's in your personality too?