Which Pipe Do You Think Water Will Flow Faster Through? The Answer Says A Lot About You

Every choice we make in our every day life says something about who we are.

From how you choose to make a fist, to what your favorite color is, and which animal you spot in a picture first, you will be able to discover whether you have a passive, assertive or aggressive personality.

This type of soul searching can help you to better understand your reactions to situations you wish you handled better. So here's another great way to learn about what your choices say about you as a person.

Take a look at the image below, which pipe do you think the water will flow the fastest through? Don't overthink it, just choose.

So what does your choice say about you?

If you answered one:

Only over 30 percent of people surveyed have chosen answer one. Your way of thinking distinguishes you from your friends and family. This doesn't always sit well with others, but you're okay with that.

You love to pursue music, philosophy or devoting yourself to scientific work which will help you find the solutions to your problems. You have great discipline, which helps you succeed in your chosen career.

If you think two:

If you have chosen the second answer, you are among the elite. Just over 7 percent of people surveyed chose this answer. You are gifted in the field of art and science, which helps to you use your many talents.

Those who choose the second pipe, have a high sense of responsibility and have no problem taking on tough tasks. You also have the ability to influence people without creating arguments, which makes you a great leader.

Your achievements are impressive because you love what you do. You are driven my your passion, and are able to focus on the small details that matter to the crowd.

If you chose pipe three:

If you chose the third pipe, you are ruled by your creativity. You are a born artist and art is a huge influence on your life. You gravitate towards everything that is poetic and beautiful.

Over 43% of people went with this choice, which indicates you have a great intuition for what people would gravitate towards.

If you selected the fourth pipe:

The last choice had only about 2 in 10 people choose it. If you landed on this choice, you have  great sense of logic. You will only believe what you can see, touch and explain rationally. You always weigh the pros and cons before making a decision.

As a person you are calm, collected and it is difficult to put you off balance. You can logically assess each situation and not engage emotionally. You have a natural ability to lead and most people enjoy being around you.

What do you think of your choice? Did it ring true for your personality?