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Anyone Can Keep Their White Shoes Shining Using These 6 Simple Hacks

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There's an indescribable feeling of walking on air when you get yourself a pair of new shoes. They feel comfy, look great, and you just want to start running around everywhere to show them off!

But eventually, there is always a puddle in your way, and if you're not careful, your stylish sneakers may lose their gleam sooner rather than later.

This is especially frustrating with white shoes. As good as they look, you have to be super on the ball to make sure that nothing gets on them. But inevitably, they will get dirty.

Instead of buying new shoes every time you splash some mud on your trainers, use these simple tips to keep your white shoes shining! You probably already have all of these ingredients in your home already!

Acidic Wash

Use white, distilled vinegar to wipe away stains and small markings on your shoes. The acidic cleaning properties are great for removing grime and sharpening the white gleam, just like magic!

Bleach Solution

For the harder to remove stains, bleach is the answer. It also really makes the white color pop again if it has become faded over the years. Make sure you dilute the solution with plenty of water, or else you could really damage the material. Rinse the shoes once you're finished.

Oil Spills

If you've had oil and grease get on your shoes, you know how difficult it can be to remove it and that just soap and water won't always do the trick.

Instead, grab your shampoo (nothing too clinical) from the bathroom, mix it with warm water and get to scrubbing. The shampoo mixture lifts the oil right off of the shoe!

Keep reading for more household tips when cleaning your pearly white footwear!

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