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Who Needs A Regular Wedding Cake When You've Got A Candy-Coated Creation Like This?

Having a many-tiered cake with whipped white icing and corny figurines as the topper may be tradition, but what if you're a dessert-loving couple who wants to be different? Reshmi Bennett, a cake chef and decorator in London, has come up with a masterpiece that will make your mouth water.

It's been called the world's most exclusive cake and it's for serious dessert-lovers only and takes three whole days to make. A cake-cone is first covered with chocolate drizzle, and then treats like donuts, macrons, popcorn, and meringue flowers are "glued" on.

On one of her social media posts, the cake artist describes her flawless creation: "Cakey goodness from the top down with macarons, doughnuts, eclairs, profiteroles, candied popcorn, buttercream flowers, Ferrero Rocher ice cream cones and just a dash of OMGeez." We couldn't agree more.

Want to see more beautiful cakes? Visit Anges de Sucre on Instagram!

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