This Is The World's Most Expensive Anti-Aging Serum. Guess How Much It Costs...

In the constant battle for beauty, it can seem like a race against wrinkles and time.

One company claims that they have created a cream that is practically the fountain of youth and they're selling it at $1,800 per fluid oz.

WHAT? How much are you willing to pay to look younger?

Jurlique's JK7® Rejuvenating Serum – Lotion was created by the company's founder, Dr. Jurgen Klein. Made with the purest essential oils, it is the world's most expensive anti-aging serum on the market.

According to Karin Klein, CEO of JK7®, it is "one of the world's most effective anti-aging serum due to it's bioavailability to the skin and ability to stop degenerative processes of the body."

That's a tall order for a tiny bottle.

The process is so lengthy - it can take up to three months to prepare a single bottle - and they say that the serum is so potent, that there is no other product on the market of the same grade.

According to the creators, with regular application, you should notice your wrinkles fading and a subtle glow within just two to three weeks.


But, before you break your piggy banks, consider what Professor Matt Kaeberlein has to say: "There's no evidence suggesting that a product like this could ACTUALLY impact the aging process."

The pathology professor at the University of Washington in Seattle is a biologist and aging expert who cautions consumers to be wary of phrases like 'scientifically proven.' For results like these to be 'proven' they should be published in rigorous, peer-reviewed scientific journals and tested by other, unbiased scientists.

The research studies for this product were funded by JK7®.

What do you think? Is it really worth that much money?

Curious about how it works? Listen to Dr. Jurgen Klein's explanation of the process:

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